Horse Treadmills Manufacturer

Aldershot Equestrian's Equine Treadmills are Designed in Basingstoke and Intended for Training, Rehabilitation, and Maintaining Fitness

Equine treadmills provide trainers with a simple, compact and controlled method for the fitness training and rehabilitation of sports horses.

Equestrian Treadmills Provider

We manufacture two basic designs of treadmill: a fixed incline treadmill where the horse is walked on a fixed incline and a variable tilt treadmill, where a horse starts on level ground and the tilt is then progressively increased up to 7 degrees; once the training period is complete, the tilt is returned to level ground. For horses undergoing rehabilitation training, the walking platform is kept level during the first days of training and then set at low tilt levels until the horse is fit enough for full training.

Equestrian Treadmills Manufacturer

Equine treadmills provide a low impact, safe method of improving the fitness levels of ponies and horses. The walking surface on a treadmill is straight and level; guide bars keep the horse contained and the underlining belt and plastic track provide a firm, cushioned walking surface. Horses coming into training after a long period of rest will last about 10 minutes before sweating & breathing heavily. Once fit, a horse will be able to walk on the tilt for over 45 minutes.

We manufacture both horse walkers and equine treadmills here in Basingstoke and supply them across Newbury, Reading, Southampton and the rest of the country. In our experience, horse walkers provide light exercise and are good for warming up and cooling down. A treadmill greatly improves horses' fitness levels, builds muscles and develops lung capacity.

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